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Protecting our families, especially our children, is everyone's responsibility. Children are a vital asset and we must do everything we can to keep them safe. The Internet provides society the means to explore and expand communication; however, it also can pose a great threat to our families.

It is unfortunate that individuals take advantage of the vulnerability of others. Be cautious, there are individuals who will attempt to exploit your child through various ways, even the Internet. These predators exert a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy into seducing their potential victims with attention, kindness, affection, and gifts. These individuals are aware of children/teen interests and empathize with their problems. If you are not spending time listening and talking with your child, someone else will.

Predators can be of any age or sex. You can protect your child by being proficient on the Internet, being aware of your child's time spent on the computer, web sites they visit, and with whom they are chatting. Talk to your child: listen to their concerns, fears, and interests… BE INVOLVED!

Family Online Safety Guide:

Are you concerned about your children when they go onto the Internet? Have you heard about MySpace and Facebook and are wondering what your children are doing on there? Do your kids know more about computers than you do? You are not alone, but help is here:

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